Dr. Zalka is a prominent speaker, offering seminars and lectures for the general public and for healthcare professionals. Retained by hospitals, schools, spas, and other for-profit and non-profit associations and organizations, Dr. Zalka's presentations include approximately a 25 minute lecture, followed by 15 minutes or so of questions and answers/discussion. She can tailor her presentation time/structure to meet your needs.

Among the lecture topics she offers:

  • Anti aging creams and procedures: hype or hope?
  • Skin care sabotage: what are you doing or un-doing to your skin?
  • Polish up your act -- your skin will thank you.
  • The truth about tanning beds and their effect on you.
  • Looking your best in a hurry, quick tips.
  • The ten habits of people with great skin.
  • What does the dermatologist do to take care of their skin? Insider

Lecture Schedule:

 • June 28, 2013, New Milford, CT: Joe's Salon and Spa: Lasers and       other Cosmetic Procedures

 • May 9, 2013, Danbury, CT: Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures:
      seminar: Reality vs. Hype

• November 8, 2012, Stamford, CT: Medicis Pharmaceuticals
      seminar: Acne Treatment for the Adult Patient

 • October 23, 2012, New Milford, CT: Dermatology Associates of
      Western Connecticut: Spa Night ~ A Casual Discussion on the Use       of Simple and Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

 • September 25, 2012, Danbury, CT:   Medicis Pharmaceuticals
      seminar: Acne Treatment Guidelines for the Practicing

 • September 20, 2012, Norwalk, CT:  Medicis Pharmaceuticals
      seminar: Acne Treatment Pearls for the Practicing Dermatologist 

 • August 16, 2012, New Milford, CT: Allergan Corporation seminar:
      Injector Training ~ Hands-on Training in the Use of Non-Invasive
      Cosmetic Procedures

 • July 31, 2012, Stamford, CT: Allergan Corporation seminar:
      Injector Training ~ Hands-on Training in the Use of Non-Invasive
      Cosmetic Procedures

 • April 19, 2012, Danbury, CT: Dermatology Associates of Western
      Connecticut: Spa Night ~ A Casual Discussion on the Use of
      Simple and Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

 • November 11, 2011, Brookfield, CT: Brookfield Senior Center:
      Dermatologic Conditions Over 50

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